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AAPM&R’s Spotlight Series: The Kinetic Chain: The Overhead Athlete
The study of movement as a whole -THE KINETIC CHAIN- and the application of this analysis to examination and diagnosis of pathology is what makes physiatry so unique. The goal of the series is to revive understanding of the principles of kinetic chain analysis and return it to the forefront of one's practice. Each session will highlight an aspect of physical motion and review typical human movement as well as patterns seen in typical impairments. Faculty will provide practical tips on how they use their respective analyses in the evaluations of their patients. A robust Q&A session will accompany each event.

During this session, faculty will discuss typical components of the shoulder, scapula, and overhead athletes and the relationship to the kinetic chain. Faculty will review the biomechanics of the overhead and windmill pitch, scapular kinetics, and how impairments in the timing of these motions as well as impairments to the distal chain (such as the hip) is influences and may ultimately result in one’s assessment of specific injuries. Faculty will provide practical tips on how they use their respective analyses (biomechanical, static vs dynamic, and clinical) in the evaluations of their overhead athletic patients, as well.

Agenda (all times are in Central Time)
10:00- 10:10am: Introductions - Jason L. Zaremski, MD, FAAPM&R
10:10- 10:35: The Kinetic Chain: What Is It and How Does it Pertain to the Overhead Athlete - Jason L. Zaremski, MD, FAAPM&R
10:35-11:00: Kinetic Chain and the Biomechanics of the Baseball Pitcher - Robert L. Bowers, DO, PhD, FAAPM&R
11:00- 11:25: The Windmill Pitch-How It Differs from Baseball Pitching - Kaila A. Holtz, MD, MSc, FAAPM&R
11:25- 11:50: The Kinetic Chain and Swimmers – Brian J. Krabak, MD, MBA, FACSM, FAAPM&R
11:50- 12:15: The Scapula - William F. Micheo, MD, FAAPM&R
12:15- 12:40: Why the Hip and Lumbar Spine Matters in Throwing Athletes - Heidi Prather, DO, FAAPM&R
12:40- 1:00: Additional Q&A
Availability: No future session
Cost: Member: $99.00
Non-Member: $250.00
Resident Member: $50.00
Resident Non-Member: $199.00
Credit Offered:
3 CME Credits
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