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At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, SiriusXM partnered with NYU Langone Health to provide the public with the latest information regarding the pandemic on the “Doctor Radio” show, all while addressing day-to-day health concerns. Jonathan Whiteson, MD, FAAPMR, Vice Chair of Clinical Operations and Medical Director of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Health, Rusk Rehabilitation, is one of the hosts on Doctor Radio and regularly discusses PM&R each week.

During his July 26 segment, Dr. Whiteson discussed PM&R’s role in Long COVID, why physiatrists are essential in treating patients with Long COVID and why AAPM&R’s leadership in its COVID-19 call to action is so important. Dr. Whiteson interviewed a Long COVID patient who shared her story as well as fellow physiatrists, Benjamin Abramoff, MD, FAAPMR, who is a co-leader of our PASC Collaborative, Talya Fleming, MD, FAAPMR and Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD, FAAPMR, who are PASC Collaborative members. The show is broken into two segments – you can listen to part one and part two on our Online Learning Portal. Doctor Radio is managed by Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Health and broadcasted on Sirius XM Radio.
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