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AAPM&R’s Spotlight Conference: Medical Cannabis Review 2022: Clinical Applications, Research, and Medicolegal Considerations
Course Director

Mitchell Prywes, MD, FAAPM&R


Stuart J. Glassman, MD, MBA, FAAPM&R
Ari C. Greis, DO, FAAPM&R
Misha Kogan, MD
Ethan Russo, MD
Michael F. Saulino, MD, PhD, FAAPM&R
Dustin Sulak, DO

During the conference, Medical Cannabis experts will discuss clinical applications across a variety of practice settings. This 3-hour program will address relevant research, medicolegal issues, and provide a clear understanding of how medical cannabis can be an effective tool for PM&R physicians treating pain, spasticity, insomnia, and other chronic conditions. There will also be a review of medical cannabis regulatory issues as well as its use in underserved populations. A panel discussion with live Q & A will also be provided.



Cannabis Components: Synergy of the Entourage for Pain and Palliation

Ethan Russo, MD

  • Overview of cannabis components (phytocannabinoids and terpenoids) and their analgesic effects.
  • Current status of cannabis-based medicines in pain and palliation

Cannabis Dosing to Maximize Benefits and Minimize Adverse Effects
Dustin Sulak, DO

  • Describe the safe and effective dosing range of cannabis and typical dose-response trends
  • Understand the role of CBD as an adjunct to THC
  • Understand how to initiate and fine-tune treatment in cannabis-naive patients


Recommending Medical Cannabis for Orthopedic Pain
Ari C. Greis, DO, FAAPMR

  • Identify appropriate candidates for medical cannabis treatment in orthopedic practice
  • Recall chemical constituents of cannabis in order to educate patients on medically appropriate products
  • Determine best practices for providing medical cannabis product recommendations to patients

Medical Cannabis for Older Adults
Mikhail Kogan, MD

  • Review critical need for effective non-pharmacological treatments for variety of common illness of older adults
  • Review changes in endocannabinoid system with aging  
  • Develop clinical plan for applying targeted exogenous cannabinoids for older adults for specific targeted conditions


Medicolegal Concerns in A Medical Cannabis Practice
Michael F. Saulino, MD, PhD, FAAPMR

  • Describe potential medical legal issues surrounding a medical cannabis practice
  • Review policy creation and development for a medical cannabis practice

Equity Issues and Underserved Populations in a Medical Cannabis Practice
Stuart J. Glassman, MD, MBA, FAAPMR

  • Describe the equity concerns of patient populations who could benefit from medical cannabis use
  • Review strategies to address potential barriers to medical cannabis use for underserved populations
  • Discuss unique issues in medical cannabis access for veterans
Note: A Q&A/Discussion will be provided following each of 3 parts of this program
Availability: No future session
Cost: Member: $99.00
Non-Member: $250.00
Resident Member: $50.00
Resident Non-Member: $199.00
Credit Offered:
3 CME Credits
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